Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The very first one

So here I am created my first blog:)I`m starting this blog as an experiment to share my experiences of becoming a commercial pilot,so my family,friends and everyone who is interested about flying could follow that.See how it goes then,since I`m planning to build up my own website,I thought it would good to get some practice before actually start it.
Well,let me introduce myself.I`m a 25 years old hungarian guy,having lived in the UK for 3 years now,currently in Edinburgh.I work in hospitality and catering,and I`m also studying towards to obtain my commercial pilots licence.
And when I say zero to hero,I actually mean it!I`ve decided exactly 2 years ago to start my training along with £20 in my bank account.The costs will be around 30-35k over 5-6 years. No financial support from family,no loans(I still can`t get any,thanks for the credit crunch:)),I didn`t even have a credit card.Most people say I`m crazy or silly or just dedicated...I don`t know,be very honest.
It will be tough but will make it happen....
I got my PPL in August 2010,having 51 hours in my logbook just now.I started  the ATPL theory distance learning course on monday,so you will get a chance to read about all that stuff.
I have a lot more things to write,but leave it for the next posts...
Happy flying

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